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A message from our Vicar Reverend Helen Jacobi

Dear parishioners

It is with a mixture of emotions that I write to let you know I will be leaving St Matthew’s in May.

On May 1 I will have served as vicar here for 9 years and so we have discerned that the time is right for me and the parish to enter a new season.

My last Sunday will be May 7 and my last day in the office May 12.

The dates coincide with us travelling to Singapore to spend time with our expected twin grandchildren. After 6 weeks or so in Singapore we will move back to Napier. I am stepping down from full time ministry but will serve on the Selwyn Board and explore other opportunities.

It has been an immense privilege and joy to serve as your vicar and while there is never a perfect time to move on, the parish is in good heart and ready to enter a new phase as the pandemic subsides and the city changes around us.

As scripture says “for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven,” and our season together is drawing to a close.

In due course the Diocese will lead the parish through the search and appointment process for a new vicar, and in the meantime the Bishop will appoint a priest in charge.

For now we focus on Lent and Easter and serving our city as it recovers from the floods.




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