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The birth of a child is an occasion for celebration and often we want to give thanks for the gift of a child and think about how we wish to bring them up.


We offer two services which can be a part of your celebration.




The first is baptism (sometimes called a christening) which is a service where the parents and godparents make a Christian commitment on behalf of the child and the child is welcomed by the church community as a member of the worldwide church.


An example of the service can be found here. This service normally takes place during the normal 10 am service on a Sunday morning. This is because baptism is about belonging to the church family and it is nice for the church family to be present to welcome the child. On occasion the baptism service can take place after the Sunday service at 12 noon.




The second service is a thanksgiving service. This is not a baptism and takes place in the Peace Chapel of St Matthew’s at 12 noon on a Sunday. An example of this service is here - this can be adapted and written to fit your own family.


As your children grow we are committed to including them in the worshipping life of St Matthew’s.





Many people have not been baptised as children and in adulthood would like to make this commitment. We would be delighted to explore this with you. Come along to a service on a Sunday and then make contact with one of the clergy.

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