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Let us revere, let us worship,
but erect and open-eyed,
the highest, not the lowest;
the future, not the past!


Charlotte Perkins Gilman


We need to close the doors of St Matthew’s for now.

Yet her prayerful presence continues steadily, quietly, surely with us.

We who have rested, absorbed this into us in St Matthew’s, it is now our turn.

We are to be St Matthew’s steady, quiet prayerful presence in these uncertain times.

At St Matthew’s we gather each week to celebrate the Eucharist (sometimes called Holy Communion or Mass).

We follow the Anglican tradition of a liturgy led by clergy and lay people with responses by the congregation, while exploring progressive understandings of God and faith.

Sermons are an important part of St Matthew’s worship.

The text and video of most sermons can be found in this sermon section.

God our healer, 

keep us aware of your presence, 

support us with your power, 

comfort us with your protection, 

give us strength and establish us in your peace.

The birth of a child is an occasion for celebration

and often we want to give thanks for the gift of a child

and think about how we wish to bring them up.

At St Matthew’s we have a long tradition of creating our own liturgical material based on the pattern of Anglican worship.

We do our best to acknowledge all sources

and would ask you do the same if you use any of our material.

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