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Regarding baby steps General Synod took this week

Press release 15 May 2014

Small step welcome but people are more important than doctrine

“Behind the church’s deliberations on same gender blessings are real people” says Rev Helen Jacobi, vicar of St Matthew-in-the-City.

Rev Jacobi was reacting to news from the General Synod of the Anglican Church in Waitangi, 14 May, which adopted a structure and process to take the church forward on the issue of same gender blessings and ordination.

“While the General Synod is to be commended for taking a step forward, seen from the perspective of the people affected, those faithful gay and lesbian Anglicans wanting to be married or wanting to be ordained, it is a tiny step,” she said.

“I waited for the news from the General Synod on my 31st wedding anniversary, in the 22nd year of my ordination. For all this time I have been affirmed and blessed by the church. My lesbian and gay sisters and brothers have to wait two, maybe four more years. They have received an apology from the church followed by: ‘wait some more’.”

“As a priest and pastor I have to face my congregation and try and explain that this is the good news of Jesus Christ. I am comforted by the knowledge that there are many in the church ready to move and pleased that others are now starting on this journey of inclusion. I am grateful for the work of Synod members yet much work remains to be done in the years ahead.

“My prayer is for those who continue to be hurt and excluded and we at St Matthew’s will continue to have our doors open wide.”


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