PLANNING A WEDDING SERVICE                                   策划婚礼服务

Allow us to woo you with the historic charm of St Matthew-in-the-City.


Built in Auckland's central city in 1905, the stone church's majestic neo-Gothic style, ornate stained glass windows and polished oak and kauri pews give it an air of spiritual grandeur unmatched by any establishment in the area. The church is capable of seating 400 people. Specifically designed lighting emphasises the structure's lofty stature.


St Matthew-in-the-City is an Anglican Church that is accepting and inclusive of people of varied faiths and backgrounds. We are delighted when any couple wishes to pledge their love, trust, and fidelity to each other before God and in the presence of their friends and family. The clergy at St Matthew's are here to help you plan a service that reflects you and your partner's dreams, vision and values. 


We allow ordained ministers / pastors of other Christian faiths to officiate, however they need to be aware of Anglican guidelines. Civil marriage celebrants are not permitted to preside in any Anglican Church in this Diocese.


Anglican clergy are not yet authorised to conduct marriage ceremonies for same-
gender couples. We continue to work towards a time when we can offer real marriage equality to all, but in the meantime, we are able to offer a blessing ceremony to a couple who have already been married in a civil ceremony.


This would mean on the day of the ceremony or an earlier date you would have your legal marriage with a celebrant at another location, and then come to church for a blessing ceremony. The church ceremony would include vows and the blessing of rings, readings, prayers and music as for any wedding ceremony.
We are happy to meet and talk through this option before you make a booking if you want to understand how this would work for you.


To help you begin to think about your ceremony we offer A New Zealand Prayer Book which contains three versions of the marriage service. All three services can be adapted if you wish and you can mix and match sections from each as you prefer. If you choose to write your own service, the prayer book services are a useful outline for what needs to be in it.


Other things to think about for the service include readings and music, and who you would like to participate. Secular and religious readings are frequently used during the ceremony. There are ways to personalise even the most traditional service. Other traditions have become popular such as the lighting of a Unity Candle.


This is your day and we are here to help you along the way.



Wedding fee: $1,390.00 covers

* Use of the church for 100 minutes on the day (40 minutes for guests to arrive and decoration + 60 minutes for the ceremony and clean up);

* Service of our Clergy, Organist and Verger (supervisor);

* Up to one-hour rehearsal during Office hours (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm);

* Use of the sound system (including CD player, AUX cable to connect your own device, up to five microphones);

* Silk flower arrangement;

* Use of an up-right piano;

* Unity Candle;

* In-house heating during cold months;

* Administrative cost.


Bells (up to 20 minutes at the conclusion of the ceremony; it is a part of your 1-hour ceremony)                                                                                $260

Additional time (subject to availability)

                  30 minutes: $145; 1 hour: $290

Rehearsal after Office hours

(subject to availability)                                      $100

Livestreaming                                                             $200

Use of Grand Piano (tuning not included)            $345


We recommend you confirm your booking as soon as possible because there can often be several requests for the same day and time. A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $400 will confirm the date and time of your booking. The remaining outstanding balance is due to be paid within 7 days before the wedding day.


In the event of financial hardship please contact our Vicar.



Check our Parish Calendar for the availability

of dates you have in mind then fill out the Request a Wedding Date form. Note that we cannot share every single activity in the calendar such as rehearsals or building maintenance. It is advisable to give us a call Monday-Friday 11am-5pm (09) 281 4893

if you have any doubts.


We do not conduct wedding ceremonies

during Holy Week (the week before Easter)

(28 March – 5 April 2021,

10 April – 18 April 2022), or

during three weeks after Christmas

(24 December 2021 – 9 January 2022, 24 December 2022 – 8 January 2023), or

on public holidays.



St Matthew’s can accommodate up to 

400 guests: 

the wooden pews seat about 160 people;

the upstairs gallery seats up to 50 people; 

we have 190 additional chairs that can be used on request (please note that some additional seats will have a restricted view due to a number of structural pillars in the church).



Make the most of the location and recruit the church's bell ringers to announce your union

with the echoing chime of church bells. St Matthew’s is home to the only peal of bells (8 bellringers) in Auckland, and features the tallest bell tower in the North Island.

The bells add a unique dimension to your wedding at St Matthew’s. A $260 donation is payable to the Bellringers Society should you wish to have the bells rung after your ceremony.


Click here               to listen to our bell ringers.



St Matthew’s is renowned for its music. Our organist is available to play at your ceremony, usually the Processional (bride walking down the aisle), during the Signing of the Register, and the Recessional (the bridal couple leaving the church). You may listen to the samples from the list of suggested Traditional Wedding Music.


You are also welcome to have your own singers, musicians / band. If you use a band they need to bring their own sound system.


You can use our grand piano. There is a fee of $345. Use of our upright piano is free of charge.


Our sound system can play music from a CD or almost any electronic. No USB drives, please.


If you choose to have pre-recorded music playing during the Signing of the Register please allow 8 minutes of playing time.


Nevertheless nothing is as enjoyable as live music.



We provide a large flower arrangement at the pulpit.

You may bring in additional flowers. You are also welcome to bring in your own ribbons or flowers to tie to the ends of the pews (please do not tape, glue or pin to the wood).


We do not allow confetti (rice, paper bombs etc) of any type inside or outside the church. 

Fresh or dried rose petals are an acceptable alternative for confetti.

Helium balloons and artificial petals may not be used inside the church.


Please arrange for any decoration (including petals), boxes, discarded material including hymn sheets to be removed at the end of the ceremony. Thank you.



All photographers and video camera operators must speak to the officiating minister before the service. This is a courtesy to both the minister and the bridal party. Guests are very welcome to take photos.


If you wish to take photographs in the church at the conclusion of your ceremony please inform the Events Manager so we book time for this (subject to availability). There is a fee of $290 per extra hour.



The bridal vehicle parks on the forecourt in front of the church.


There are two disability car parks available on the South side of the church.


Wilson Parking on the South side of St Matthew’s is a 'pay and display' facility.

There is some street parking behind the church in Federal St also 'pay and display'.

Other parking is available at the SKYCITY Carpark, Atrium carpark (entrance is through the Crowne Plaza Hotel entry on Albert Street) and Civic Car Park (entry at Greys Ave and Mayoral Drive).



If you would like to conclude your ceremony with brief refreshments please book extra time for this (subject to availability). Each additional hour is $290. Alcohol cannot be consumed outside the church, and all bottles and rubbish are to be removed at the conclusion of your reception.


If you wish to have a full reception it can also be arranged.



The Verger will attend your rehearsal; open the church, arrange and light the candles, 

assist with the bridal procession, take care of the sound system, ensure your special day proceeds as smoothly as possible.



You will need to apply to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages ( for a marriage licence around four weeks before your wedding day. The licence is valid for three months, and it takes three days to be prepared. If you have previously been married, you will need to show the Registrar the legal papers relating to the dissolution of that marriage.


To complete an on-line form choose Type of Ceremony Personalised ceremony


Then you’ll need to have these details before you start:

  • full address of the ceremony location (St Matthew-in-the-City, 187 Federal Street, Auckland)

  • the name of the celebrant you have arranged

  • personal details of you and your partner


Please note that we cannot conduct a legal marriage without a licence. It is your responsibility to ensure that the licence is completed correctly and delivered to the church's office on your rehearsal day or earlier so that the church’s register can be completed.


We wish you all the best during your engagement period!

Updated 30 January 2021

St Matthew-in-the-City教堂的历史魅力能够吸引您的关注,我们深感荣幸。






St Matthew-in-the-City是圣公会教堂,接纳和包容来自不同信仰与背景的人们。


St Matthew的神职人员随时愿意帮助您策划神圣的婚礼,完美体现您和伴侣的梦想、愿景与价值追求。























为有助于您策划设计婚礼,我们提供 A New Zealand Prayer Book(新西兰祈祷本),其中包括三种不同类型的婚礼仪式。如您愿意,可以对其中任何一种仪式做个人化调整,也可以根据需要采用不同仪式中的不同部分进行搭配。






















请进入我们的教区活动日程表,查看是否有您希望的预订日期,然后填写婚礼日期申请表(Request a Wedding Date form)。请注意,活动日程表中的一些活动不可同时进行,比如排练或大楼维护。如有任何疑问,请于星期一至五上午十一时至下午五时致电(09)281 4893。



敬请知悉,我们不在Holy Week(复活节之前的一周时间内)举行婚礼仪式服务(例:

2021年3月28日- 4月5日, 

2022年4月10日- 4月18日,


2021年12月24日- 2022年1月9日,

2022年12月24日- 2023年1月8日。














钟声将为您在教堂举行的婚礼增添独特的韵味。如果您希望钟声能够在婚礼结束后响起,请向钟乐协会(Bellringers Society)捐款260新西兰元即可。






我们的管风琴师可以为您在婚礼仪式现场上演奏,通常伴奏时段为Processional(即新娘走入通道时)、Signing of the Register(签名登记时),以及Recessional (新婚夫妻离开教堂时)。









您可以使用我们新购置的音乐会大钢琴Shigeru Kawai Semi-Concert Grand (SK-7) piano。费用为345新西兰元。


如果您选择在签名登记(Signing of the Register)时播放预录好的音乐,音乐播放时长为8分钟,敬请做好相关准备。





















如果您希望仪式结束时在教堂内拍照,请与活动安排负责人(Events Manager)接洽,以便教堂安排时间(需视情况而定)。










教堂南侧的Wilson Parking停车场需要“付费和展示票据”。


教堂后侧的街道Federal St也有一些需要“付费和展示票据”的停车位。


同时,还有其它停车场位于SKYCITY Carpark, Atrium carpark (入口位于Albert Street的Crowne Plaza酒店)及Civic Car Park(入口位于Greys Ave和Mayoral Drive)。





























•仪式地点的完整地址(St Matthew-in-the-City, 187 Federal Street, Auckland)